How to be exempt from Stamp Duty…

Did you know that you can obtain an exemption from the payment of Stamp Duty if your spouse transfers your house to you as part of a carefully drafted property settlement Order or Agreement? This could save you thousands of dollars after the breakdown of your marriage or de-facto relationship.   Would you like to… Read More

New Laws For Drink Driving Offences In NSW From 20 May 2019

Under the new laws, drink drivers who are first-time, low-range offenders will receive an immediate three-month licence suspension and a fine of $561. From 20 May 2019, offenders who drive with the presence of illicit drugs for the first time will also receive a $561 fine and a three-month licence suspension if the offence is… Read More

Borrowing from the Bank of Mum and Dad…

Have you borrowed from the Bank of Mum and Dad to buy your home? What happens if your relationship breaks down? The important thing to understand is whether the money was a ‘loan’ or a ‘gift’ from your parents. The Family Court will need to determine whether this money is an asset or a liability… Read More

Timing is everything…

Did you know you only have 2 years from the date you and your de facto partner separate to start a Court case about your property settlement? If you wait longer than 2 years you will have to apply to a Family Court for permission to ask for property settlement Orders ‘out of time’ and… Read More

Know where you stand..

If you are facing a difficult tenancy situation or would just like to find out where you stand then have a look at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal website (NCAT). The NCAT is the main forum for resolving tenancy disputes between landlords and tenants in NSW. Tenancy disputes include payment of the rental bond, rent increases,… Read More