Does your Employment Contract measure up?

If you are entering into an employment contract do you know what should be included? If you are an employer and using an old contract, should it be reviewed first? It is clear contracts should be individually structured to meet the needs of those involved and in reality both employer and employee should seek legal… Read More

Business Structures: Company

When commencing a business venture, it is necessary to consider the most appropriate type of business structure to put in place. Different business structures have different benefits and disadvantages. This article looks at companies – how to set one up and the pros and cons of a company structure. Key Features A company is a… Read More

Airbnb Legal tips for property owners

If you have looked at booking holiday accommodation recently chances are you have come across Airbnb or maybe you know someone who rents out their spare room and is always talking about the extra money they are making. But what is Airbnb exactly, how does it work and what are the potential pitfalls and legal… Read More

Retirement Living – Life beyond bingo and bowls!

Retirement Living Life beyond bingo and bowls!   Not surprisingly people talk about buying their first home as being a life changing event and it is. However, in the past it has been rare for people to talk so excitedly about moving into some form of retirement living. Given that sooner or later most of… Read More

Ex-de factos & your Will – Isn’t a property settlement enough?

Ex-de factos & your Will – Isn’t a property settlement enough?   The incidence of de facto relationships has been increasing for some time, and that trend is likely to continue. Since 2009, the legal regime for property settlement has been the same whether the separating couple had been married or living in a de… Read More