When buying or selling: beware the GST sting!

Presume any land transaction, whether buying or selling, will be subject to GST unless established otherwise. Our solicitors are very attune to the many pitfalls that could arise from GST implications being overlooked. Don’t be taken by surprise when you haven’t budgeted for the cost of GST added to your purchase price! Always seek the… Read More

Did you know e-conveyancing has become a hot commodity in the Australian market?

After 150 years in paper, property transactions can now be completed electronically. Sellers no longer have to wait for cheques to clear before they can get proceeds of their sale. Buyers can be registered on title almost immediately, not weeks later. At Richard Wise Solicitor we have implemented an efficient and effective e-conveyancing strategy using… Read More

What to think about when drafting your Will?

Your legal professional is the best person to draft your Will, however before your meeting with them, you may like to consider: Who are the beneficiaries? Have a clear picture in your mind of all the people who should be mentioned in your Will, including any step children and the legal name of any charities…. Read More

Changes to conveyancing in NSW…

From 1 July 2019, you can no longer lodge mainstream property dealings in paper form in NSW. The NSW Government’s eConveyancing reforms are helping transform NSW into the World’s most efficient and secure place to buy and sell property. The NSW Office of the Registrar General are now transitioning to eConveyancing in NSW and discontinuing… Read More

Where there’s a Will…

We may not always like to talk about it, but have you prepared your Will? A Will is a legal document that clearly sets out how you want your estate (property, finances and belongings) to be distributed when you die. It is recommended that everyone 18 years and over should make a Will. Also, you… Read More