Types of Prison Sentences

Local Court Magistrates can impose up to 2 years imprisonment. The Court can specify that part of the Sentence can be served in the community, on parole. For example a 12 month Sentence can have a 9 month non-parole period (in jail) with 3 months on parole. As a last resort the Court can impose… Read More

Buying a Strata Unit

One way of owning property is to buy a unit. Each unit is called a lot in a strata plan. The lot has its own separate title. An executive committee representing the owners corporation (made up of all unit owners) is set up to manage the common affairs of the lot owners e.g. caring for… Read More

At what age can children decide where they live?

There is no minimum age for a child to be able to express their view about where they want to live in a parenting dispute. The Family Court decides how much weight it gives to a child’s view based on the child’s maturity and understanding and whether or not the child has been influenced. For… Read More

3 must knows about a house deposit

1. The Standard Form Contract for the Sale of Land refers to payment of a 10% deposit. For example, if the Sale price is $400,000.00 the deposit payable is $40,000.00. 2. This deposit can be negotiated with the seller to something less, say 5%. Using the above example, the deposit payable would be $20,000.00. 3…. Read More