First home buyer

As a first home buyer I had no idea of what was involved in the process of buying a home. There were Contracts, Transfers and Mortgages and so many different people to deal with. Richard explained the buying process and the costs and made what was complicated, easy to understand. What I enjoyed most was… Read More

Ex-de factos & your Will – Isn’t a property settlement enough?

The incidence of de facto relationships has been increasing for some time, and that trend is likely to continue. Since 2009, the legal regime for property settlement has been the same whether the separating couple had been married or living in a de facto relationship. However, the law doesn’t always treat married and de facto… Read More

Verification of Identity in property transactions

Verification of Identity (VOI) is a process used to confirm the identity of a person. Lawyers and other parties involved in property transactions have an obligation to ensure that the person claiming authority to deal with land is legally permitted to do so.  This includes confirming a person’s capacity to act as agent for a… Read More

Was it a loan or a gift? – Big difference!

Housing affordability is a big issue for young Australians. When discussing that issue recently, the Prime Minister infamously remarked that the solution is for parents to “shell out” to help their children buy a home. For those lucky enough to have parents able to assist them financially in adulthood, whether by helping them into the… Read More

Does a Pre-Nup have to be fair?

It is now more than 10 years since the Family Law Act was changed to allow Australians to enter into pre-nuptial agreements (known as Financial Agreements or Binding Financial Agreements). Under the Act, the Court does not have to approve a Financial Agreement for it to be binding. That is, the Family Law Act allows… Read More