Blossom where you are planted…

One of the bonuses of working with the people of our fabulous region is that not only do we solve their legal problems in the short-term, we also see them blossom and grow into the future.   Yes, it is a bit warm and fuzzy, but those human connections make it easy to turn up… Read More

Can you wait three years?

Did you know that you can arrange for an Arbitrator to hear and determine your Family Law property settlement dispute? This is a fairly new system in the Family Law, but if both parties agree you can hire and share the cost of a privately paid Arbitrator to determine your case. This could potentially save… Read More

Important tenancy rights for people escaping domestic violence

Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. However, if victims simply abandon their rental property, they can accrue a debt as a result of outstanding rent and damage to the property, and be blacklisted on a residential tenancy database, making it very difficult for them to rent in the future…. Read More

Signing on the dotted line…

The lead up to signing on the dotted line for your new home is just so exciting, but all the details can be a bit intimidating and nerve-wracking.   Luckily at Richard Wise Solicitors we love detail as much as we love helping our clients with their purchases.   Can we help you? Call us… Read More

3-6 Year Wait for Family Law Hearing

Did you know that the average wait times for Family Law proceedings has now blown out to between 3 to 6 years? Also, did you know that all Court Orders about children are based on what is in the best interests of those children? When a Judge has to consider what is in the best… Read More