Finding a location for your business can be stressful. Not only are you signing up to a long–term financial commitment, but the lease can also contain onerous or hidden terms and conditions.

Here are 10 frequently asked questions to help you navigate the key issues to consider before signing a lease.

  1. Does Retail Legislation apply?
  2. In what State is your Business located?
  3. What is an Unfair Contract Term under my Lease?
  4. Do I need to register my Lease?
  5. Do I need to seek professional advice?
  6. Who is responsible for executing the Documents?
  7. What key clauses should I look for in the Lease?
  8. How much does my Lease cost?
  9. Do I need the Mortgagee’s consent to register the Lease?
  10. Where do I go to resolve a dispute?

For clarification and support consult Richard Wise Solicitor before signing any Commercial Lease.

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