Confidence in the future…

Happy days with happy customers.   We love working with our clients as they buy and sell their homes and other properties. It shows us the level confidence they have in their future and our economy generally.   Let’s all prove the ‘nay-sayers’ wrong and keep making positive steps forward!   Have a great week… Read More

Not so straight forward…

There is no such thing as DIY when it comes to Family Law tangled up with Property Law! Some of the issues you could come across may include: Assessing Contributions in Property Matters Financial Agreements: Still Worth the Paper they are Written On? Adjusting for Future Needs in Property Settlements: Time to Dust Off the… Read More

Powers of Attorney

Make sure you see your solicitor when putting a Power of Attorney in place and accepting the responsibility of becoming someone’s Power of Attorney. • Powers of Attorney are constrained by limitations expressed in the Power itself. • There are, however, additional restrictions imposed by the general law upon the ambit of a Power of… Read More

Blossom where you are planted…

One of the bonuses of working with the people of our fabulous region is that not only do we solve their legal problems in the short-term, we also see them blossom and grow into the future.   Yes, it is a bit warm and fuzzy, but those human connections make it easy to turn up… Read More

Can you wait three years?

Did you know that you can arrange for an Arbitrator to hear and determine your Family Law property settlement dispute? This is a fairly new system in the Family Law, but if both parties agree you can hire and share the cost of a privately paid Arbitrator to determine your case. This could potentially save… Read More