Always seek advice from your solicitor when making your Will, appointing an Attorney and Enduring Guardian.

If your Will is NOT drawn up properly or NOT executed correctly it will be INVALID.

Issues to be aware of include:

  1. Incorrectly describing the beneficiaries: The most common errors are a failure to identify step children and the failure to properly describe an intended charity.
  2. Gifting assets not capable of being gifted: Attempts to gift an asset such as real estate held in joint tenancy or a bank account held in joint names. A simple check such as a title search may save an embarrassing or expensive claim by a beneficiary.
  3. Not identifying previous arrangements: Instructions must be requested as to any current mutual will contract, Financial agreement, or restriction on disposal of an asset such as a shareholders agreement with pre-emptive rights
  4. Incorrect execution of the will

Save yourself a whole lot of heartache and talk to your legal professional today.