Why Choose Us?

7 Reasons to choose us

  1. With over twenty years EXPERIENCE in the Mudgee region helping numerous people buying and selling properties and achieving best case outcomes for his clients at the local court, Richard knows and understands your needs. His experience is to your advantage. In family law Catherine Williams (accredited specialist family law) is committed to a high level of care and provides guidance in difficult times for the Firm’s family law clients.
  2. Our Firm is about CERTAINTY. For example, you may be worried about whether you could lose your driver’s license. Richard will give a realistic appraisal of what happens at court and likely outcomes. He will asses the risks and rewards of entering into contracts. In family law Catherine will guide you through all the options including mediation and alternatives to having to go to court.
  3. ACCESSIBILITY: With our newly renovated premises including wheelchair access to a downstairs office, you can call in or ring for an appointment. Should you leave a message, we will return your call on the same day. Richard is available for after hours and out of office appointments.
  4. QUICK ENGAGEMENT: We have practices and procedures in place that allow us to start on your matter soon after receiving your instructions. For complex matters we have a referral service to other professionals e.g. barristers, accountants, psychologists and other experts for drug and alcohol court reports.
  5. YOU ARE ONLY BILLED IF YOU AGREE: Most work is quoted as a single fixed fee from start to finish. A costs agreement is then entered into and a schedule of payment agreed upon.
  6. COMMUNICATION: We maintain high levels of communication so that you are kept well informed of the progress of your matter. We will communicate with you in whatever way you choose e.g. by email, mail or telephone.
  7. Accredited Specialist Family law: We employ Mudgee’s only accredited specialist in family law, Catherine Williams.

7 Step process to put you in control

  1. We start with the end in mind, so you need to tell us the result you want. This sharpens FOCUS.
  2. We listen to YOU carefully; we gather information and look at ALL the variables which need to be controlled.
  3. We advise you of the likely OUTCOMES and our ability to deliver the result you want.
  4. We forecast how LONG the matter will take.
  5. We advise you of all COSTS so you can budget a payment plan as needed.
  6. We tell you what you need to do to put you in CONTROL of the outcome.
  7. We work as a TEAM with high levels of communication to get the predicted result.