Family Law

Family issues that involve the law can be unsettling for everyone. Family law includes divorce,  child support, custody, property division and issues relating to domestic violence or parental neglect. It also encompasses paternity and parental rights  where there is a significant dispute.

Catherine Williams understands that family law issues can be fundamental to a person’s emotional and financial well-being. Change is often difficult to deal with, the future may seem uncertain and children and property are often involved.

There is a lot at stake, so it is vital to work with Catherine who is an accredited specialist in family law.  Catherine is prepared to listen and provide guidance and support through the process.

When do you need a lawyer to help with family issues?

As there are many parties involved, the ultimate aim in family law is to have issues resolved in a way that is a fair and sustainable result for all parties. Going to Court is the last resort.

Where the issues relate to divorce, domestic violence, custody of children and division of property, a lawyer’s knowledge, negotiating skills and legal expertise are needed.

Dealing with family law issues can be a stressful time. Catherine has experience in managing family law issues and in dealing with the courts and the legal processes involved.

Working with Catherine Williams Accredited Specialist solicitor, in family law offers:

  • Understanding – Catherine understands that many issues surrounding family law are upsetting and that it can be a time of great emotional and financial upheaval and often has implications for children, and property.
  • A personal approach – you will not get lost or forgotten in the process;  your best interests are Catherine’s main concern.
  • Catherine is available to deal with clients and guide them through the legal process, which can be complex and difficult.
  • Reassurance with regards to costs and likely outcomes.
  • Mediation – where necessary,  Catherine puts mediation into place quickly as this can minimise costs to the client and make the process less adversarial and easier to manage.  Catherine emphasises resolution of disputes through negotiation, rather than the costly adversarial process of litigation; going to court is a last resort.
  • Referrals to appropriate professionals such as barristers, accountants and psychologists.
  • Where matters need to be litigated or where there are issues of domestic violence,  Catherine can act quickly to initiate proceedings at short notice.

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