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I had a legal issue which was very worrying for me. I consulted Richard, who gave me advice on how to overcome the problem. I followed that advice and ended up with a good outcome.

I found Richard accessible and he did the work for a fixed fee.

Tracy Muscat Mudgee 2850 September 12, 2017

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As a first home buyer I had no idea of what was involved in the process of buying a home. There were Contracts, Transfers and Mortgages and so many different people to deal with.

Richard explained the buying process and the costs and made what was complicated, easy to understand.

What I enjoyed most was that my enquires were answered straight away.

Richard and his team especially his conveyancing secretary Paula, were easy to deal with and made the whole experience of buying my first home a pleasant one.

Dallas Birt Gulgong NSW July 2, 2017

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I was booked for speeding on a double demerits point public holiday. My licence was suspended by Transport Road & Maritime Services (TRMS) for 3 months. I really needed my Licence for work as an apprentice electrician.

My only option was to appeal the TRMS decision to the Local Court at Mudgee. I had not been to Court before, so I sought the advice of Richard Wise Solicitor. Richard was very friendly and explained the process very clearly to me. We were well prepared and the 3 month suspension was reduced by the Court to just 14 days. Richard was good value.

Daniel Burrows Gulgong NSW June 25, 2017

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I was looking for a solicitor to guide me through the complexities of the Court System. It all seemed so overwhelming. I selected Richard Wise Solicitor to help me.

I achieved the outcome I wanted.

The best part of dealing with Richard was the high level of communication I had with him and his secretary Bec.

I have no hesitations in recommending Richard and his team.


Rebecca Brown Mudgee NSW May 9, 2017

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My wife and I employed Richard Wise for his legal knowledge and valuable assistance in obtaining our daughter to gain sole custody of her first born child.

At our first consultation with Richard all legal avenues were discussed fully, what plan of attack would need to be taken and what expenses would be involved.

We were impressed with Richard's availability, communication and thoroughness.

Richard was very helpful, compassionate and trustworthy.

We achieved the outcome we sought with a minimum of fuss and within budget.

9 January 2017

Ivan and Pamela Theobald Mudgee NSW January 8, 2017

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I was very happy with the whole team at " Richard Wise Solicitor" and their professional and caring service.

High levels of communication and prompt service delivery was very important to me.

4 January 2017

Brad Case Mudgee NSW January 8, 2017

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I found myself in a very difficult Traffic matter but thanks to Richard's advice and encouragement I was able to work towards achieving a really good outcome at Court. My partner Kayla and I recommend Richard very highly.

Luke Maranda Mudgee NSW 15th July 2016 July 17, 2016

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 I was impressed by the level of care and concern Richard showed for my Traffic matter. He prepared me really well for Court and we achieved a very good result 

5th May 2016


Darrell Simmons May 8, 2016

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Being a first home buyer is a very exciting and wonderful time in one’s life but at the same time it can be quite daunting and scary. The best way to combat that fear is to associate with people who are professionals and who are competent and confident in their work and who know all the ins and outs, who know all the rules and tricks and are thorough and reliable. That is why I am so grateful that my husband and I utilised the services of Richard Wise to guide us through our first home purchase. He didn’t miss a thing and went above and beyond to make sure that we were spending our money on a safe and solid investment with no hidden catches or tasty surprises.

So I highly recommend Richard Wise for your next or first home purchase and also tell you that his reputation for thoroughness and dedication to his clients is first and foremost.

Thank You Richard!

Monique Hampton November 18, 2015

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Since August 2013 I had been driving under a condition of good behaviour. Upon travelling to Mudgee to visit relatives, I received a fine for performing a U-turn across double lines in April 2014. As I was under a good behaviour condition, this would have resulted in me loosing my license for double the original sentence as I would have exceeded the 2-point limit.

I sought the help of Richard, who went to great length to understand my personal circumstance and that of the incident. He understood that I had significant need for a license and used his in-depth knowledge to derive a plan of action. Not only did he use his knowledge of the law, but also demonstrated reason and understanding for my circumstance, which then presented positively in front of the Magistrate on all occasions.

The case I presented Richard was not a pleasant one. I had a significant traffic offence history having previously been suspended from driving for two 3-month periods. Even in the face of such a task, he still approached it with confidence and left me feeling reassured throughout the process. He managed to convince the Magistrate waiver the points associated with the fine, in turn meaning that I had not breached my good behaviour and there would be no further penalty. I have since seen out the good behaviour condition and am driving with a full set of points, which I intend to keep.

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Richard’s efforts, I would not be driving today. The inconvenience that has since been avoided is immeasurable and for that I cannot thank him enough. I would recommend employing Richard’s high-level services for any incident, as I can attest for this ability and success, especially with regards to traffic related matters.

Benjamin Spice November 18, 2015